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Special Event



Storytelling Workshop


August 29th Meeting -Come and have some fun.  7-9 PM at the Club


From the time you first learned to speak, you began your journey as a storyteller and will continue to be one until your final goodbye.  Why not get better by at it by developing the art of storytelling in this hands-on workshop with Bob McComb and the San Mateo Storytellers Toastmaster Club?


Participants will learn the basic elements for creating a story from a sketch, refining it, making memorable and compelling.  Learn how to create characters, put them into action, develop plot twists, build to a climax, and how resolve your stories effectively. 




Who are we?


San Mateo Storytellers club, is an Advanced Toastmasters International Club with a special focus on the art of story telling; where guests & visitors are always welcome! There is never any pressure to join. Come and have fun!



Regular Meeting Information
Everyone is welcome to visit as often as they like.  If you are a member of another Toastmaster club, have been a previous Toastmaster, or just have some public speaking experience and want to take your speaking to the next-level we invite you to join our club.


When and where do we meet?

Second and Fourth Tuesdays at 7PM


San Mateo Community College District Offices Second Floor, 

3401 CSM Dr., San Mateo, CA



Please Note: As you come up Hillsdale Blvd. from Highway 92 the College will be on your right, DO NOT TURN INTO THE COLLEGE! Continue to the Stop sign, then turn left and left again as illustrated by the white dot in the photo above.



7 Reasons why stories are important: 


  1. Stories produce experiences
  2. Stories make your message unique
  3. Stories provide the emotional glue that connects us
  4. Stories transform information into meaning
  5. Stories motivate your listener towards your goal
  6. Stories are more likely to be shared
  7. Stories are less likely to be resisted

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